International University – Viet Nam National University would like to announce the IRELAND GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP 2020-2021 program for Vietnamese candidates to pursue Masters study at Irish higher education institutions.

  1. Scholarship information:

Number of scholarship: 30 slots;

Value: Full scholarship (Visa fee, return airfare, full tuition fees, public health insurance, monthly stipend to cover accommodation and subsistence costs and settling-in allowance.

Scholarships are for individuals for full-time study of up 12 months duration for Masters programmes.

  1. Application requirements:
  • Vietnamese residents living in Vietnam.
  • Students Agriculture and Rural Development, Food Science, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Information Systems and Communications Technology, International Relations, Politics, Law, Human Rights, Management and Business, Health, Medicine, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Social Policy, Development Studies, Humanitarian Action, Tourism and Hospitality, Public Relations, Women’s Studies, Gender Studies, Equality Studies, Others: data analytics, AI, new media.
  • Have at least 2 years of work experience after graduation;
  • Fluency in English: IELTS 6.5 or higher and no score below 6.0;
  • Meet academic qualifications required by your chosen course.


  1. Registration procedure:

Register online at:


  1. Application deadline:

Before 12:00 PM on Monday 11 November 2019 (postal stamp).

NUS Fellows Programme Scholarship

NUS Fellows Programme Scholarship


The NUS Fellows Programme (Southeast Asia) aims to attract bright young faculty members (or would-be faculty members) and researchers from ASEAN universities and research institutes to NUS for a 6 to 12-month fellowship.

Up to 25 Fellowships will be offered each year.


  • NUS will provide shared accommodation.
  • NUS will provide a monthly stipend of up to S$ 2,000.
  • Access to professional development opportunities (events, seminars and training programmes) within NUS.


  • Citizenship / Residency: Applicants must either be citizens of an ASEAN country or must be residing in an ASEAN country at the time of application.
  • Degree: Applicants must have a PhD Degree from a reputed institute. However, exceptional candidates with a master’s degree may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Relevant Experience: Applicants should possess NO more than 10 years of post-PhD research experience. Postdoctoral experience can be included under research experience.
  • Language: Applicant must be fluent in written and oral English.
  • Female candidates are especially encouraged to apply.


Documents Required for Application include:

  1. Application Form
  2. Curriculum Vitae including list of selected publications (no longer than 2 pages).
  3. Cover Letter highlighting your suitability for the fellowship based on review criteria (no longer than 1 page)
  4. Research Proposal (no longer than 2 pages) developed in consultation with the host professor(s) / PI(s) at NUS.
  5. Copy of host professor / PI’s in-principle approval over his/her official email id.
  6. Two recommendation letters from current and past supervisors stating your suitability for this fellowship.
  7. Letter of Support from the home institute / University (Director, HoD, Vice Dean, Dean) endorsing your candidature.
  8. Copy of diplomas and transcripts.


  • Applicant’s training, aptitude and experience: Academic qualifications, performance, relevant experience, aptitude to benefit from the fellowship program and ability to add value after his / her return home.
  • Relevance and Quality of the Research Proposal: The proposal must be well-designed, innovative and the stipulated outputs must be achievable during the fellowship tenure.
  • Personal Qualities: Applicant must have the qualities to serve as a goodwill ambassador for NUS personified by virtues of innovation, resilience, excellence, respect and integrity.


  • Reach out to the Professor / PI you intend to collaborate with via his/her official email and jointly develop a short research proposal (no longer than 2 pages)
  • Get your host professor’s / PI’s in-principle approval over his/her official email id.
  • After obtaining in-principle approval from your host professor / PI, complete the Application Form and submit all the documents to International Student Service Center (Room A2.604).


Submit your application before 04:00 PM of 15 June 2019.

SKKU Neuroscience Imaging Research Summer Internship 2019

SKKU Neuroscience Imaging Research Summer Internship 2019

SKKU Neuroscience Imaging Research Summer Internship 2019

Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

International University – Viet Nam National University would like to announce the SKKU Neuroscience Imaging Research Summer Internship 2019 at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, Korea.

  1. Program details:
  • Duration: June 26 (Wed.) – July 19 (Frid.), 2019
  • Number of scholarship: 2
  1. Scholarship value: Full tuition fee waiver, accommodation and  meals (400000 KRW)
  2. Application requirements:
  • Target candidates: Students who complete at least 2 semester of studying.
  • Studying BT or BME
  • Among 5% of top score students
  • English proficiency: TOEFL iBT (pBT), IELTS, or an equivalent level.
  • Have a high position in club activities and/or take part in social activities (OPTIONAL)
  1. Application package:
  • English transcript;
  • Certificate of enrollment;
  • Certificate of financial ability (in English);
  • Language proficiency certificate
  • 01 copy of the personal information page of the passport (not required);
  • Answers to questions of the program: https://internship_application_form/
  1. Application deadline:

Submit Application packages to Office of International Student Service Center (Room A2.604) before 11:30, May 28th 2019.



  1. Program information:
  • AUN+3 Students Week is a two-week mobility program from 07 July to 20 July 2019 Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia;
  • Program topic: “Sustainability Development: A Multidisciplinary Approach” with an aim to improve intra-ASEAN mobility and to enhance the ASEAN spirit among students of member universities and ASEAN youth in general to widen their knowledge and awareness related to current social problems;
  • Candidates will earn 3 credits upon completion;
  • Program activities: In-class lectures, Internship/Field Study, Language and Cultural Sessions, FGD and Presentation. Link to refer program agenda:
  • Program’s website:


  1. Program fee & scholarship information:
  • Program fee is 555 USD/ person (including: airport transfer on departure and arrival, meals during the program (exclude dinner), program materials, certificate of participation, cultural activities during the program;
  • Accommodation fee: 280 USD/ person;
  • Scholarship: Free accommodation and program fee waiver for 01 student selected and nominated by IU-VNU;


  1. Eligibility:
  • Students from undergraduate program in any major have completed at least one year (2 semesters) of full-time study at International University;
  • GPA: at least 3.0/4.0 ;
  • English requirements: candidates meet one of these requirements:
  • TOEFL ITP: 510 or above; TOEFL CBT: 180 or above; TOEFL IBT: 64 or above; TOEFL PBT: 510 or above;
  • IELTS: 5.0 or above;
  • TOEIC: 600 or above;


  1. Application Package:
  • Application form. Link to download:
  • CV in English;
  • An essay with 2 pages in length (in English) based on personal attitudes or perspectives on the topic “How could sustainable development be achieved”;
  • Copy of Passport;
  • 02 Transcripts of record (scale 100 and scale 4.0);
  • Copy of English Certificate;


  1. Deadline of submission:

Please submit your application package  to International Student Service Center (A2.604) before 16:00 on 27 May 2019.

Announcement for Exchange Program at Lichtenstein University

Announcement for Exchange Program at Lichtenstein University

International University – Viet Nam National University HCMC would like to announce the information of Student Exchange Program at Lichtenstein University in 2019.

  1. Application Eligibility:
  1. Scholarship Value:
  • Living costs: 3,825 EUR (850 EUR per month)
  • Travel Expenses: 1,100 EUR (includes round-trip airline ticket and health insurance)
  1. Required Documents
  • English certificate level B2 or above (IELTS 5.5 or above)
  • Official transcript (in English)
  • Motivation letter (in English)
  • Letter of Recommendation (in English)
  1. Application Nomination Procedure:

Hard-copy of Application package should be submitted at the Office of International Student Service Center (Room A2. 604) before 10 May 2019.

Soft copy of Application package (PDF file) should be sent to the e-mail:

  1. Time of Enrolment: September 2019

Elected candidates are required to present at the Lichtenstein University one week before the time of enrollment, so as to be arrange with accommodation. More detailed information, please visit the website above.

Chương trình Học kỳ Mùa Hè 2019 tại Đại học Jonkoping, Thụy Điển – JU Summer School 2019

Chương trình Học kỳ Mùa Hè 2019 tại Đại học Jonkoping, Thụy Điển – JU Summer School 2019


Trường Đại học Quốc Tế – Đại học Quốc gia TP.HCM trân trọng thông báo Chương trình Học kỳ Mùa hè 2019 (Summer School 2019) tại Đại học Jönköping – Thụy Điển.

  1. Thông tin chương trình:
  • Thời gian: 03/06 – 28/06/2019
  • Địa điểm: Đại học Jönköping, Thụy Điển
  • Ngôn ngữ giảng dạy: Tiếng Anh – Bậc học: Đại học.
  • Suất tham dự: 04 suất


  1. Khóa học trong chương trình:

Thông tin các khóa học và yêu cầu về môn tiên quyết và trình độ tiếng Anh: Thao khảo tại


  1. Chi phí chương trình:
  • Ứng viên được hỗ trợ toàn bộ chi phí tham dự chương trình bao gồm: phí đăng ký, học phí, phí tham gia các hoạt động giao lưu văn hóa, phí chỗ ở trong 4 tuần).
  • Bảo hiểm: SV tự túc chi phí này và bắt buộc mua bảo hiểm trước khi đến Thụy Điển.


  1. Quy trình đăng ký:

Bước 1: Tìm khóa học phù hợp

Bước 2: Xem xét điều kiện ứng tuyển

Bước 3: Chuẩn bị bộ hồ sơ đăng ký tham dự Chương trình và nộp về Trung tâm Dịch vụ SVQT (Phòng A2.604) trước ngày 30/01/2019. Bộ hồ sơ bao gồm:

  • CV
  • Bảng điểm gốc (thang 100)
  • Thư thể hiện nguyện vọng tham dự chương trình
  • Thư giới thiệu (không bắt buộc)
  • Bản sao hộ chiếu
  • Chứng chỉ tiếng Anh (nếu có)

Bước 4: Chờ thông báo kết quả từ TT DV SVQT. Bốn (4) hồ sơ xuất sắc nhất sẽ được đề cử với Chương trình Học kỳ Mùa Hè tại Jonkoping.

Bước 5: Tham dự Vòng phỏng vấn online với đại diện chương trình đến từ ĐH Jonkoping (Thông báo cụ thể sau).

Bước 6: Đăng ký trên hệ thống online của chương trình

Ứng viên đăng ký tham dự tại đây:

Lưu ý: Hệ thống online sẽ bắt đầu nhận hồ sơ đăng ký từ ngày 10/12/2018.

Hạn chót đăng ký: Ngày 01/04/2019.

Bước 7: Đăng tải hồ sơ

Bước 8: Ban tổ chức sàng lọc hồ sơ và gửi Thư mời tham dự chương trình đến các ứng viên trúng tuyển.

Để biết thêm thông tin chi tiết về Chương trình Summer School 2019, mời tham khảo tại hoặc liên hệ với Trung tâm Dịch vụ Sinh viên Quốc tế (Phòng A2.604).